About Ariya Lorenz

Master Healer and Life Coach

As a “spiritual scientist,” Ariya has studied and practiced Energy Work professionally for over 16 years.

Masterfully tapping into the power of her “Higher Self”, and training others to do the same… she has worked with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrial Families, Devas and other light beings in order to understand the energy and metaphysics that the physical world is made of.

Ariya had been called to Hawaii in 2005 where she has reconnected with her Lemurian roots and uses these energies in Lemurian Activations & Lemurian Light Language to assist individuals with the ascension to higher dimensions.

Having practiced over 15,000 energy healing sessions with clients, Ariya has served as a bridge from the ‘invisible’ to the ‘visible’ and helped many heal, progress and accel.

Her clients range from big companies to individuals. She’s worked with professional athletes, corporate executives, families, schools, other healers and many more to help them bring forth their “best” on a level of

Love and
Higher Calling.

About Ariya Lorenz

Improving the Lives of People

Ariya helps others Communicate directly with their Higher Self and Spirit Guides. In the last years, Ariya developed a signature style of helping others communicate directly with their Higher Self and Spirit Guides. She acts as an amplifier and translator for her clients while facilitating direct contact to their Higher Selves.

The demand for having instant answers available from the “Higher Self” increased so much that she needed to make this work available to many more than just her personal clients.

In 2017 she made her teachings available in online courses and offers since then live and recorded master courses to groups, which have enriched thousands.

She has also remained a leading author, healer and meditation guide for ‘Soulvana’, a “revolutionary iOS and Android app for spiritual people that will take your healings, activations, ascensions, manifestations, meditation, energy work, and spiritual practice to a whole new level”.

**Her work has greatly improved the lives of countless people and animals as well as enhanced business performances and collaboration.**

Residing in Hawaii, Ariya is mother to her bright son Naiya De who grew up understanding metaphysics and the healing arts and uses these tools every day ~ naturally. She regularly swims with dolphins and calls herself “the happiest person on earth”.

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