” My goal is to support parents and children to co-create an environment that enables them to live their full potential! “

Many adults are benefiting from healing sessions to free themselves from what is blocking their well-being. Often a deep feeling of inadequacy and the thought of being unlovable are at the root of those blockages. And this is what truly hinders someone to live their potential!

Two common causes of this are:

  1. Birth trauma which results in a lack of basic trust.
  2. Inadequate methods of upbringing and education, ether through misinformation of parents/ teachers or because of their own emotional blockages.

It is very encouraging to see how many are working on believing in themselves and on remembering the inner divine spark that is our true essence. It can be a long journey to rediscover this state of innocence and unconditional love but it is well worth it!

Imagine how it would be if an individual could express their Real nature right from the beginning, freely and unlimited? What if we would remain knowing who we truly are, a unique and perfect expression of the divine, with special talents and skills that are meant to be brought into this world? It is possible!

Treatment for conception


  • Natural support for conception problems
  • Healing sessions for myomas, zysts, etc..
  • Sessions during in vitro fertilization

Treatment during pregnancy

  • energy treatments for general well-being of mother and child
  • support for morning sickness, fatigue, ect.
  • removal of birth traumata
  • release of trapped emotions

Treatment during  birth

  • Pre-sessions for physical comfort
  • Healing sessions during birth to facilitate ease and well- being for mother and child
  • Harmonization of the birthing team
  • After- session for optimal healing

Treatments for the growing up child

  • Removal of any blockages incl. birth trauma
  • Energy sessions to enhance general well-being
  • Activation of immune system
  • Assistance with problems in preschool or school
  • ADS and ADHD prevention and natural healing

Consultations for Parents

  • Online Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Individual Coaching

For more information and to book a session, please Contact Ariya

Concious Parenting Guidelines  


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