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The Lemurian Tribe 


Learn how to access your Higher Self and live the Higher Self Lifestyle

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Within this community of light, we live the Higher Self Lifestyle,

We connect & align with our Divine part, our HIGHER SELF, 

to live 100% on Purpose .

    • Interact with others judgement-free

    • Feel & share unconditional love

    • Connect with your soul family

    • Greet challenges with confidence 

    • Live your highest and best life 

Access Your Higher Self 2x/ month in a teaching & energy session, led by live Ariya

Receive advanced metaphysical tools, teachings & energy sessions

Benefit 2x/month live on Zoom to share, get questions answered and receive help

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Ariya’s Uplift


*An Inspiring Message Sent Directly To Your Phone*

Live Teachings

Access to live broadcasts and recordings, where Ariya downloads and transmits Divine wisdom. She’ll tap into advanced energy science, higher light frequencies, metaphysics and help you break it down to simple examples a child can understand.

Higher Self Activation Sessions

Diving deeper into the wisdom of your Higher Self guided live by Ariya. You will also receive access to a program designed to get you closer and closer to your Higher Self and eventually live the “Higher Self-Lifestyle”.

Energy Sessions

Join guided energy sessions with Ariya as she channels the Divine powers directly to you. You will have your batteries recharged and be able to first transform into and then remain the best version of yourself.

Access to Private Community

A private community platform to share and connect with that is free of judgement for each other and based on unconditional acceptance and love. You gain access to accountability groups, group chats and sharings and get your questions answered.

Connect with a Light Partner

Pair with someone to co-support each other! This is an optional part. Through the Buddy system you have a chance to make lifelong friendships with like minded souls, advance faster together and tangibly feel the bliss of divine connection.

Access to the Higher Self Convention

Regular immersive online conventions with many guest speakers and Spiritual Leaders are held as part of the Lemurian Tribe. You get premium and highly discounted access to all live parts and recordings. Optional participation is possible.

Live Q&A Calls

Between the live calls on alternating Saturdays an online accountability group is offered. It offers Q&A, space for sharing & input and helps you via themes and challenges to stay on track with your spiritual practice goals.

The Lemurian Tribe grants even more offerings . . .

Join the Tribe and receive 15 % OFF of all courses by Ariya including private one-on-one sessions.

(excludes Ariya’s Master Training)

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Experience bi-weekly LIVE Energy Sessions and advanced Teachings, alternated by LIVE accountability sessions, all recorded.

Experience the Joy of like-minded individuals coming together in the Divine Alchemy Membership.

Monthly Payment Plan

$99 / month with annual commitment

Annual Payment Plan

 $999 /year