Living your Highest & Best


Learn to master the energy that your body is made of, so you’ll never run out!

The Art of Mastering Your Energy & Vibration

By raising the energy and vibration and getting the assistance you need,  you can let go of doubting yourself and start living the life you want.

In this course, you will learn the art of working along with Cosmic Energy and feel its abundance, wisdom, and loving light!

Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones From Energy Loss

Say goodbye to ‘energy robbers’ and feeling drained. Learn how you can prevent energy loss during challenging situations. 

Increase Your Daily Energy Level 3-10x

Find out how you can easily and without loosing precious time increase your energy level so that you have more energy available than ever before.

Get The Correct Help From ‘Above’

Find out how you can effectively ask for help from your guides and angels and what not to do in order to get REAL assistance.

Wonderfully Transformative

“If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to take the leap. Ariya’s course is absolutely fantastic! Engaging, timeless spiritual wisdom and practices, are all provided in a way that allows real progress and change in one’s life. Accessing and working with higher realms, celestial and earthly energies, and purposeful recharging and protection of energy and wellness, all combine to make a beautiful course. Well worth the time and effort! Definitely recommend practicing putting the teachings into practice, intellectual learning isn’t enough for this kind of knowledge, you have to then live it! Love and thanks for this course”

 -Dave Scher

Through This Online Training, You Will Be Able to:

Have sustained energy for your work and play
Avoid accidents or other difficulties before they occur
Live Your Highest And Best
Accomplish 3-10x more without feeling drained or tired
Recharge even in your sleep
Stay healthy and happy also in challenging situations
And More…

What other people say…

“I loved this course because it gives practical and quick tips for spirituality”.

Practical, Quick & Easy-Angelica Carrillo

“This was such an amazing course.
I have found it so beneficial in my daily life and my connection
to the divine and angels has increased. I am so happy I found Ariya.

Living Your Highest & Best-Tara Trautman

Practical Metaphysics and Practical Spirituality I must say.

Powerful!– Avinash Pitre

“Aloha, I highly recommend living your highest and best course.
Easy to follow yet so very powerful. Ariya is an earth angel.
She is here to help.”

Wonderful!-Leihulu Mamac

Easy Access, Peaceful Learning

You can choose your own pace in this online training and also download each lesson, guided meditation, PDF etc. onto your device to listen on the go.

The course offers you 10 “Golden Nuggets” within 3 Chapters that are very potent yet easy to implement in your busy life.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1) How To Become Immune To Negativity And Challenging Situations

  • Become Immune To Negativity And Energy Loss
  • Creating Your Energetic Protection With Ease
  • The Most Potent Metaphysical Tool For Eliminating Problems Before They Occur

Chapter 2) Living From An Overflow Of Energy At All Times

  • Say ‘Good Bye’ To Feeling Drained And ‘Hello’ To An Overflow Of Energy
  • Recharge More Powerfully In Nature
  • The Easiest Way To Recharge Without Taking Away Your Time
  • Triple Your Recharge While You Are Sleeping
  • Guided Meditation To Recharge In Your Sleep
  • The Most Powerful Way To Reclaim Your Overall Energy

Chapter 3) Getting Your Wishes Fulfilled With Help From 'Above"

  • Create Your Future The Way You Really Want
  • Calling In Help From “Above”

2 Week Money Back Guarantee!

In case you feel this course is not a good fit for you, simply get back to us within 2 weeks and we will refund your money.

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Living Your Highest and Best

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About Ariya

Master Healer and Life Coach

As a “spiritual scientist,” Ariya has studied and practiced Energy Work professionally for over 16 years.

Masterfully tapping into the power of her “Higher Self”, and training others to do the same… she has worked with the various Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrial Families, and other light beings in order to understand the energy and metaphysics that the physical world is made of and can help you achieve your best.

Having practiced over 15,000 energy healing sessions with clients, Ariya has served as a bridge from the ‘invisible’ to the ‘visible’ and helped many heal, progress, and accel.

Her clients range from big companies (such as MindValley and Soulvana) to various individuals and artists. She’s worked with professional athletes, corporate executives, families, schools, other healers, and many more to help them bring forth their “best”.