“Ariya is truly a beautiful soul, healer, and workshop presenter.  She inspired me in so many ways.  I highly recommend her workshops and sessions.”-Sincerely,  Jan

“Absolutely amazing! I quit smoking, lost a bunch of weight and got rid of my permanent feeling of irritability…! Thanks to Ariya I am  now a happy grateful fellow! Wow!” -S.L., Germany

” Ariya has helped everyone in my family! She goes beyond the initial healing process, and works with you to talk and explain things as much as you need her to. She saw that my son was a natural healer and spent many sessions teaching him how to heal other people. He went from being a teenager who was depressed, anxious, and unable to sleep to one who now sleeps, and participates with the family in dinner table discussions. Next year he goes to the honors program at Portland State University. My other son is excelling now at everything after just a few sessions with Ariya. He has many friends, and so much confidence in himself that he never had before.I went to Ariya because of a nagging physical problem. I have finally overcome that problem, and in the process I have overcome some emotional problems that I have carried with me my entire life. Ariya’s healing techniques are very powerful, and I have recommended her to several of my friends and family!”  Sincerely, Pier Sircello

“Ariya Lorenz is a naturally gifted psychic and healer.  She intuits your emotional pain and accesses the Divine Mother within her in the healing process.  Her healing energy work breaks through any difficult issues you may be having. In her presence, you are nurtured by her soothing voice and strong aura of light.  It is a blessing to receive her assistance and guidance.”- Lino Laure, Oahu

” Ariya is a gifted healer.  Her clear intuition helps her see exactly to the root of one’s suffering, her skill enables her to help shift it, and her boundless compassion supports one gently and thoroughly in the process. 

I came to Ariya with some challenges that had plagued me for most of my life.  I had tried countless options in both western and holistic medicines.  Ariya’s ability to connect and see exactly what was going on and how to release it enabled me to heal efficiently and thoroughly bringing me to a new place of peace, productivity, and connection with my life and my surroundings. She has a way of communicating that brings love to all aspects of being, even the hardships and enables one to embrace the wholeness of being human. She is a truly evolved and integrated being who is wholeheartedly offering her gifts in service bringing all of us fortunate enough to receive them more fully into the potential of ourselves.  I am truly grateful to have found her and received her help in my own unfoldment.”- K.D., Hawaii

“Ariya in Hawaii is the queen of this technique (The Emotioncode)– removing the walls around your heart! This is fast, painless and permanent results!!! AND you can do this over the phone! Call her now! ♥ Thank you Ariyaaahhhh!!!”- Veruschka Normandeau, CA

“I had been having relationship difficulty for years.  We had tried everything from therapy to more esoteric practices to work through what was between us. When I started doing the work with Ariya I was astounded at the progress and peace that my relationship experienced.  It is clear that we are our own limitations in life, and the clearing work with Ariya enabled me to let go of so much, to embrace and receive the beauty that was right in front of me. I am so grateful to her for her commitment to her own unfolding that brings such genuine truth to her work.  I felt totally comfortable working with her, and often empowered by her.  She holds her clients in the fullness of their potential, not in the limitations of their weakness.”- anonymous

” Ariya did a house clearing for us and it totally changed the dynamic that was present in the home to one of harmony and peace. I noticed we all became more relaxed and more at ease in being our true selves and the home began to nurture us on a deeper level.  it was incredibly valuable to do this amidst my own inner work to have a refuge that could support me in my own transformation.  The process was non-invasive and efficient and highly effective.”- anonymous