Here is the Dolphin Meditation, lovingly guided by Ariya.

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Dolphin Connection with Ariya


In this favorite meditation of our users, Ariya guides you to meet the Spinner Dolphins of Hawaii. Dolphins are known to help us heal and reconnect to our innate joy and love. In this meditation, you will relax deeply and receive their healing energy for your body, mind and soul. You will be guided to enter the warm waters of Hawaii to encounter the spinner dolphins, play with them and receive their love and healing. This meditation will leave you feeling refreshed, reconnected to your innate love & joy.

Ariya Lorenz



It is my divine calling and the utmost privilege to help you to bring forth your best. In truth you are a magnificent being of light, your heart shines as bright as the sun and you have a special gift for the world. Deep down inside you know this. And maybe you live part of it already. ~ Through a practical and very “down to earth” approach to spirituality and a deep connection with the “higher realms” I offer you a way to access the highest energy level possible. This will help you to experience more joy and be more effective in what matters most to you. And you can bring forth the blessing to the world that you came here for.


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