Group Immersions

I’m offering “Group Immersions” on Soulvana, which are powerful online group sessions where I and other amazing teachers will guide you and hundreds of like minded individuals on high frequency-healing journeys. Your investment for these is less than $17/ month.


More information on Soulvana Group Immersions.

Personal Training “Maximizing Your Energy & Success”

In this 10 week personal training, I will teach you the exact steps and methods to maximize your energy levels and your success in life. It is like a “practical toolbox for spirituality”, that helps you use the invisible energy and potential around you in you favor.


You learn to eliminate stress factors and bring in the energetic support you need in order to perform happily and at an “athlete level” in any area of your life.

It’s time to let go of what blocks you and learn how to magnetize your highest potential into every moment of your day to become truly extraordinary!

Course Description:

This 10 week personal training will help you to “get a practical grip” on using specific spiritual and metaphysical tools to supercharge your life.
You’ll learn how to work with the invisible energy in & around you in 5 different ways to maximize your highest Potential. We will go deep into:

  1. Protecting and shielding you and your loved ones,
  2. Recharging and raising your personal energy, 
  3. Avoiding and/or changing negativity in interactions with friends and family,
  4. Connecting with and calling in the support of your guides & angels
  5. Manifesting your dreams and goals effectively

I will share the exact steps with you that lead you to achieving the results you desire.

There will be practical examples, that apply directly to your individual life situation and I’ll share additional tips and tricks with you on how to make every day situations work in your favor, without them taking time out of your busy schedule.

The steps are fun and easy to implement. And you’ll get guidance on how to deal with life’s challenges so they don’t bog you down but instead help you become more successful at attracting what you really want in life.

When you take this course, your life will change (for the better). You need to be ready for this and also be willing to make time to implement the tools. I will promise that if you do, you will eventually save a lot of time and your life will run smoother, easier and be way more fun. 

All sessions are recorded and you will receive the course material, including your 3 personal guided meditations, PDF’s and summaries together with the recording of each session.

You have questions? Contact me here.

Here’s how it’ll work:

We will communicate by phone once a week for one hour and you will get exceptional techniques and methods to work with, every time we get together. During the week following each training session you will implement the tools and techniques into your daily life and see it work for you from day one.

Clear assignments and methods on how to work with the tools discussed will be given to you in each Training session so you make best use of this time together and track your success.

Each training session will be recorded and made available to you after the training call. During the week I’ll be available for questions via email.

You will also receive 3 guided meditations, personally created for you, that will help you to recharge and become available for your success.

I will help you to avoid the 3 number one pitfalls of using the potential of the invisible energy around you, as well as protect yourself from unwanted energies.

I have only very limited spots available, if the Pay Pal link works, you’re in. And I will send you an email with a link to my calendar to book your preferred times for the weekly Training Sessions. If it doesn’t work, feel free to contact me here to get on the waiting list. 

Looking forward to working together with you