Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz

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higher self mastery Membership

Create a higher self lifestyle with the support of an unconditionally loving group

living on purpose: Connecting, Aligning, and Thriving With the guidance of your higher self

Let us do this together, instead of alone. Stay accountable and receive support so you can – 

  • Live your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Overcome every challenge with confidence & poise
  • Connect and recharge with your soul family

The Higher Self Mastery Membership helps you live the ‘Higher Self Lifestyle’ where you create soul-level fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

Go from knowing how to connect with your higher self to Living a higher self lifestyle



Energy sessions

Learn to apply powerful metaphysical tools to work more efficiently with the energy and the world around you.

Feel the support of soul family anf form life long bonds in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Receive energy treatments and support from higher realms to fulfil your soul purpose in your everyday life.

Live your purpose & true fulfillment with The Higher Self Mastery Membership

The Higher Self Mastery Membership is a community to help you connect with your Higher Self and start living a Higher Self Lifestyle while supported by a tribe of like-minded souls. 

As a member, you get instant access to our library of over 90 classes that each include teachings and energy sessions to support and accelerate your Higher Self Lifestyle. 

what do i get?


Bi-weekly Live Classes with Ariya

Twice a month Ariya offers live classes where she taps into metaphysics,  higher light frequencies, advanced energy science and breaks it down into simple, fun and easy to understand concepts that you can apply to create better results in your life.

Advanced Energy Healings & Activations

Each live class with Ariya entails a powerful energy treatment where she channels the Divine powers directly to you. Energy blocks are being removed, batteries recharged, and you will receive support from your Higher Self and other light beings to continuously become the best version of yourself.

A Library of 90+ classes with Ariya

A library of 90+ classes supporting your Higher Self Lifestyle. These classes are categorised into  Health & Longevity, Mission & Career, Love & Relationships, Abundance & Manifestation, Confidence & Empowerment, Solutions for Everyday Problems, Miracle Stories, Special Events.

easy access to Essential Tools

You get access to the most essential meditations which include morning and evening programming and other meditations that are pertinent to maintain a Higher Self Lifestyle. Through the app they are accessible right from your phone. This includes Ariya’s uplifts, small 2-4 minute energy treatments delivered to you on a regular basis.

Private Soul Tribe

A community of like-minded souls who are on the same journey towards their Higher Selves as you. You’ll be able to create your personal profile, find a buddy and engage in tribe discussions to share your experiences, ask for advice, and connect with others.

Support & Accountability Calls

Accountability calls are offered twice a month with your montivation coach Neha, where you can share your progress and ask questions. The calls are designed to help you deepen your understanding of the content, provide support and guidance, and make it fun and easy to stay on track with your spiritual practice and the tools you use.

all sessions are recorded

If you can’t attend live, no problem you will receive the recoding of each session shortly after each live session. This way you are creating your own ‘Life Support Library’. 

Everything you need to create a Higher Self Lifestyle on one beautiful app

The Higher Self Mastery Membership is hosted on a beautifully designed app available on Desktop, Android & iPhone. In this all-in-one platform you’ll be able to find all the content, live classes, community and support you need to build a Higher Self Lifestyle. 

About Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought after Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Master Healer and Meditation Guide with over 19 years of experience and more than 19,000 energy healing sessions conducted with clients including professional athletes, public figures, corporate executives and families all over the world.

Drawing on her deep understanding of energy and metaphysics, Ariya masterfully connects to the power of the Higher Self to provide energy healing and spiritual coaching for her clients. 

She also acts as an amplifier and translator for her students to help them connect and communicate with their Higher Selves, so they can learn how to use it to self-heal, manifest and create true soul-level fulfillment across every aspect of their lives.


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*Kindly note that our memberships involve a one year commitment. If you choose to cancel before the year concludes, you will still be charged the FULL annual membership fee.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you can experience:

  • Higher levels of energy
  • A healthy body, mind and soul
  • A breakthrough to your ‘Highest and best’- self expression
  • Increased strength, courage and vitality
  • Insights from ‘Higher Guides’
  • Clarity for the next steps
  • Removal of what’s blocking you in life
  • Support To Be Your ‘True Self’

* Disclaimer: It is illegal to promise healing. So please understand that we are not promising you the results mentioned above, but we can let you know that many of Ariya’s clients have experienced these and more positive results through their work with Ariya.

In the beginning of your session Ariya connects with you via phone to connect with you, gain clarity on your goals and to assess how her work can best support you.

After the call you will lay down undisturbed while Ariya does her magic.

The session concludes by talking on the phone once more. There you will gain insights from her about the session and share your experience.

Depending on your issue or the level of support you need it can be recommended to book more than one session.

Ariya offers discounts for packages of 5 and 10 sessions.

Children receive a special rate. Please contact us directly if you would like a session for your child.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.