Practical Spirituality With  Ariya Lorenz

Where The Invisible Realm And The Visible Realm Marry And Together Create An Extraordinary Life Experience

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Free Dolphin Meditation

Receive healing and serenity from the dolphins and whales of Hawaii, that Ariya swam with in order to receive the vibrations of this meditation. She will lovingly guide you into their healing space and you will come out feeling better and refreshed.


Living Your Highest And Best


STEP 1) Understand And Learn How To Use The 3 Energy Hacks to Increased Happiness, Health and Success

7 Gems To Supercharge Your Life


STEP 2) Create REAL magic and bring more fun and success into your daily life with these super practical “How-To- Steps”!

Be Your Own Superhero


STEP 3) Live Master Training ~ Your Complete Tool Kit For Living Your Highest And Best In All Areas Of Your Life

Energy Healing

You are meant to live your highest potential! Ariya’s work will help you achieve it and maintain it. Energy sessions with Ariya are highly effective one hour remote sessions that can help you in any area of your life. We had thousands of clients report long term results. You will get Ariya’s full attention and benefit from her over 15 years of experience. She will help you overcome your biggest obstacle and will also offer insights and guidance from the higher realms.

Upon booking your session you will receive clear instructions on how to best prepare for your session and will be able to get your questions answered as well.

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Private Energy Healing Session


Increase Your Health And Overall Wellbeing Through Remote Energy Healing With Master Healer Ariya.

Ariya Lorenz

My Mission

It is my divine calling and utmost privilege to help you to bring forth your best.

In truth you are a magnificent being of light, your heart shines as bright as the sun and you have a special gift for the world.

Deep down inside you know this. And maybe you live part of it already.

Through a practical and very “down to earth” approach to spirituality and a deep connection with the “higher realms” I offer you a way to access the highest energy level possible.

This way you can experience more joy and be more effective in any area of your life. And you can bring forth the blessing to the world that you came here for.

Lets do this and lets do it together!

Just go to Step 1) and sign up. I will be delighted to see you in the course.

Aloha, Ariya

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