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Morning Programming

These are metaphysical tools that helps you create the perfect day!

They will help you be protected from negative energies, be aligned with your divine guidance and remove obstacles before they occur.

Many users report that this morning programming gives them the time and energy and supports their Divine mission.

This meditation is a prerequisite for any training with Ariya.

We recommend you to do this every morning for a successful and more enjoyable day.

Highly Advanced Energy Sessions & Divine Guidance


Private Sessions With Ariya

Soul Reading

A Soul Reading is a private 1-on-1 live experience with Master Healer Ariya Lorenz.

During a Soul Reading Ariya connects with your Higher Self and channels your unique life purpose and what’s holding you back from living in alignment with your purpose.

She’ll also help you identify the steps you need to take to remove the roadblocks so you can step into your authentic power.

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Energy Healing Session

Energy healing sessions with Ariya are highly effective one hour remote energy sessions to receive healing and create a “breakthrough” in any area of your life.

You will have your heart opened and blockages removed to gain greater health, have more energy and feel overall more aligned.

You can use this session for up to three topics where you feel you need healing or coaching support.

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Higher Self Master Session

Higher Self Master sessions with Ariya are highly advanced energy sessions where Ariya accesses your Higher Self.

You will receive insights about topics like your life purpose, important business decisions, your relationships, healing core wounds and accessing your next level.

The next steps you need to take to fulfill your Life’s purpose are revealed and you get empowered to take action towards them. Within your first HSM Session a “Soulreading” is included.

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Free Gift for you:

Dolphin Meditation

Receive healing and serenity from the Dolphins and Whales of Hawaii.
Ariya received the meditative energy codes during an encounter with them in their wild habitat.
She will lovingly guide you into their healing space and you will come out feeling better and refreshed.

Practical Spirituality Program


Access YourHigher Self


The Step By Step Guide To Connect With & To Be Continuously Guided By Your Higher Self, The Ultimate Way To Fulfill Your Divine Mission On Earth
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Golden Age Alchemy Level 3


Learn How To Access Your Higher Self So You Can Take Your Life To The Highest Level, Answer All Major Life Questions And Know What To Do And When.
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Ariya Lorenz

My Mission

It is my divine calling and utmost privilege to help you use your energy effectively so you can bring forth your best.

Through a practical and very “down to earth” approach to spirituality I offer accessible ways to gain access to the ‘Higher Self’.

Where ever you are right now, with this approach you will take your experience of health, wealth and fulfillment to the next level.

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