Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz

Accepting enrollments for Higher Self Mastery August ‘23 Program. Closing Soon


Accepting enrollments for Higher Self Mastery June ‘23 Cohort Program. Closing Soon


Aloha & Blessings

I’m Ariya lorenz

It’s my soul’s calling and life’s mission to help you connect to your ‘Higher Self’. 

After 20 years of working with over 19.000 clients I have found that guiding people to their ‘Higher Selves’ is the fastest way they can achieve deep soul-level happiness and fulfillment.

What is your ‘Higher Self’? 

Your Higher Self is the eternal part of you, timeless, formless, infinite, all-knowing, the part of you that holds your Divine Blueprint – your purpose in life.

I can help you gain access to your ‘Higher Self’ and do it in a practical, scientifically backed  and ‘down to earth’ way (forget the woo-woo stuff).  

As you begin to regularly connect with your ‘Higher Self’ your heart will open wide and you’ll improve and enhance your way of seeing the world, of making decisions and living your life. 

Your Higher Self will give you the guidance and support you need to find solutions to some of the most difficult problems and to bring forth your mission in life more perfectly.

When you discover your true purpose, your entire life and the way you show up in the world will transform.  

You start living from a place of alignment with who you truly are and gain extreme clarity about the next steps to get closer to your Divine calling. 

You’ll feel empowered to stop dimming your light or doing things that drain your energy – and have the courage to step into the full expression of your talents and strengths.

Find Your Purpose & True Fulfillment

You may not know your purpose, but your Higher Self does.

You may not know in what direction to go, but your Higher Self does.

You may not know what’s next in your life, but your Higher Self does.

By helping you access the wisdom of your Higher Self, I can help you navigate your journey to finding your life purpose & true fulfillment.

Higher Self Mastery Membership


The Higher Self Mastery Membership is a course and community to help you master your energy, amplify manifestation abilities, connect with your Higher Self and start living a Higher Self lifestyle while supported by a tribe of like-minded souls.

As a member, you get instant access to our signature course ‘Higher Self Mastery (worth $2200) plus a library of over 70 classes, meditations, energy activations and healing sessions to support and accelerate your Higher Self Lifestyle.

Higher Self Mastery


Available at your fingertips and on the go via our beautiful App!

This self paced 8 week course will help you master the 4 keys to living what we call the ‘Higher Self Lifestyle’, a life guided by your Higher Self, which has access to all the answers you’ll ever need in order for you to find and fulfill your purpose in life.

You’ll start your journey with a proven step-by-step process where you will learn to master your energy, you’ll then master your manifestation abilities and move on to establishing a strong communication with your Higher Self.

Energy Sessions



Discover your life’s purpose, what may be blocking it and what to do about it.


Receive healing and rejuvenation for yourself, your children, your animals or even harmonize your business. 


Get connected with your Higher Self, gain clarity & experience a profound breakthrough into your next level in life.


About Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought after Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Master Healer and Meditation Guide with over 19 years of experience and more than 19,000 energy healing sessions conducted with clients including professional athletes, public figures, corporate executives and families all over the world.

Drawing on her deep understanding of energy and metaphysics, Ariya masterfully connects to the power of the Higher Self to provide energy healing and spiritual coaching for her clients. 

She also acts as an amplifier and translator for her students to help them connect and communicate with their Higher Selves, so they can learn how to use it to self-heal, manifest and create true soul-level fulfillment across every aspect of their lives.

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