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Ariya Lorenz

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Higher Self Mastery

Connect with your Higher Self to find your life’s purpose and achieve soul-level fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

True soul-level fulfillment only comes from discovering and living your purpose

But finding and living your purpose is hard. You might intuitively feel which path is right for you, but just don’t know the exact steps to take to bring it into reality. 

So you get overwhelmed or distracted with too many options and end up going through your one precious life with a deep sense of unfulfilled potential, yearning to find true meaning. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is – there’s a part of you that already knows all the answers. The eternal, timeless, formless, infinite, all-knowing part of you that holds your Divine Blueprint – your purpose in life.

It’s called your Higher Self.

Only when you learn how to access and consciously communicate with your Higher Self, you’ll tap into the divine wisdom that has all the answers you were searching for. 

You’ll know which opportunities, relationships or careers to pursue so you can fulfill your divine purpose and be truly happy. 

As you begin to regularly connect with your Higher Self your heart will open wide and you will enhance your way of seeing the world, of making decisions and living your life.

Your Higher Self will give you guidance and support you need to find solutions to most difficult problems and to bring forth your mission in life more perfectly.

The Higher Self Mastery Course is a step-by-step path to connecting with the divine wisdom of your Higher Self and creating a soul-level happiness and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

Find your purpose & true fulfillment with Higher Self Mastery Course

All content is available at your fingertips, at home or on-the-go via one beautiful App.

This self paced 8 week course will help you master the 4 keys to living a soul-fulfilling life, a life guided by your Higher Self, which has access to all the answers you’ll ever need in order for you to find and fulfill your purpose in life.

You’ll start your journey with a proven step-by-step process where you will learn to master your energy, you’ll then master your manifestation abilities and move on to establishing a strong communication with your Higher Self.

Course Curriculum

Take a deeper look into the signature course curriculum:


Module 1. Master Energy

Mastering Energy will teach you how to direct, recharge, and protect your energy. You will learn how to never run out of energy again, explore the power of energy and how it affects your overall well-being.

In this module you’ll learn how to:
  • Recharge your energy at will and protect it from outer influences
  • Use the power of the Violet Flame to eliminate problems before they occur
  • Recharge in nature and at night using the power of imagination
  • Recharge using meditation and create a habit of meditating every day
  • Put all the tools you've learned in Level 1 together as a part of your morning practice

By the end of this module, you will have a toolkit of spiritual practices that will allow you to tap into your boundless energy and protect it from outer influences, so you can experience more vitality, clarity, and focus in your daily life.


Module 2. Master Manifestation

In Master Manifestation you will dive into the art of bringing what you desire into reality. You will learn how to enhance your manifestation, avoid common manifestation mistakes, and become a magnet for your wish.

In this module you’ll learn how to:
  • Effectively enhance your manifestation and avoid common manifestation mistakes 
  • Become a magnet for your wish using the Soul Magnet technique
  • Use the power of sleep and visualization to enhance your manifestation
  • Create a personalized My Life Movie to visualize and manifest your dream life

By the end of this module, you will have a powerful toolkit of manifestation practices that will allow you to tap into your soul-aligned desires and bring them into your physical reality. You will experience a greater sense of alignment with your true self and a newfound ability to manifest your desires with ease and flow.


Module 3. Master Higher Self Access

In Master Higher Self Access, you will learn how to consciously communicate with your higher self. You will explore the importance of maintaining bodily purity, releasing judgment and gossip, living in gratitude, meeting your higher self, and asking for help.

In this module you’ll learn how to:
  • Consciously communicate with your higher self
  • Maintain bodily purity and enhance your frequency
  • Release judgment and gossip and raise your vibrations through forgiveness
  • Live in gratitude and eliminate negativity
  • Meet your higher self and gain insights and guidance
  • Ask for help and remove obstacles

By the end of this module, you will have a toolkit of spiritual practices that will allow you to consciously access your higher self, receive guidance and live a more fulfilling life.


Module 4. Master Higher Self Communication

In Master Higher Self Communication, you will deepen your connection with your higher self by learning how to ask questions and receive messages, understand your unique soul purpose, and align your vibration with that of your higher self.

In this module you’ll learn how to:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate with your higher self
  • Align your vibration with that of your higher self, and fulfill your unique soul purpose. 
  • Experience a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and inner peace as you continue on your path towards self-realization.

By the end of this module, you will have developed a strong and consistent practice for communicating with your higher self, and have the tools and techniques necessary to fulfill your unique soul purpose. You will also be equipped with daily habits and techniques to continue on your path toward self-realization.


What You'll Learn

Everything you get inside the Higher Self Mastery Course

Gain clarity and confidence

Ariya guides you with simple examples in a proven step-by-step process to your Higher Self. Accessing your Higher self isn’t easy unless you prepare yourself in the right way.

In order to get there you will automatically up-level every area of your life along the way and eliminate what does not work for you.

master Powerful Metaphysical Tools

Using energy is all about understanding metaphysics and Ariya will share with you simple but effective metaphysical tools and how to use them in your favour. 

Once you understand the invisible world better you avoid making mistakes and enhance your energy, your happiness and your success in life. 

Never run out of energy

We understand that we need to have good body hygiene but what about energy hygiene? We also understand that we need to refuel our body with food but what about recharging it with energy?

U will learn how to cleanse and recharge your energy body in order to have much better performance and wellbeing so that you never run out of energy again.

Get your wishes fulfilled

Manifestation means bring something about that you need or want. Most people manifest what they don’t want unknowingly. 

You will learn how to manifest effectively what you need and want in your life.

Live from your higher self

Your Higher Self has all the answers for you but most of the time it only talks to you, if at all, via your intuition.

You will learn a much more  accurate method of communicating with your higher self which will help you find your purpose, live your purpose and find true soul level fulfilment.

Bonus Q&A Calls

Get motivation and insights through several accountability calls. These calls are motivating and encouraging. 

Many of the most important questions that you may have are answered in these recordings and you will gain an inside view on what other participants experienced and how they used the tools.

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About Ariya

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought after Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Master Healer and Meditation Guide with over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 energy healing sessions conducted with clients including professional athletes, public figures, corporate executives and families all over the world.

Drawing on her deep understanding of energy and metaphysics, Ariya masterfully connects to the power of the Higher Self to provide energy healing and spiritual coaching for her clients. 

She also acts as an amplifier and translator for her students to help them connect and communicate with their Higher Selves, so they can learn how to use it to self-heal, manifest and create true soul-level fulfillment across every aspect of their lives.

Start the Journey to your higher self

What you Get inside

Module - Master Energy 

Explore the power of energy and how it affects your overall well-being.

Value $299

Module – Master Manifestation

Enhance your manifestation and become a magnet for your wish.

Value $399

Module – Master Higher Self Access AND Master Higher Self Communication

Consciously communicate with your higher self and deepen the connection.

Value $999

3 Recorded Accountability Calls with Neha

Get motivation and insights from recorded accountability calls.

Value $333

2 Recorded Question & Answer Sessions with Ariya

Get access to recorded Q&A sessions featuring Ariya addressing participant’s key questions. 

Value $222


Investment Only $997

2 Weeks money back guarentee. No questions asked.