Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz

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Soul Reading

Step into a transformative experience with Ariya’s private 1-1 Soul Reading Session, an illuminating journey designed to help you find your life’s calling or answers to important questions.


This private 1-1 Soul Reading Session is designed to help you find your unique life purpose and identify the roadblocks that are holding you back from living in alignment with your purpose. 

Ariya will connect with your Higher Self and help you create a roadmap for the next steps you need to take in order to step into your authentic power and live your highest and best. 

A Soul Reading session can be used in two ways: to discover your life’s purpose along with the steps you need to take to get there or to help you navigate a specific situation or find a solution to a pressing problem. 

This is a great introductory session for anyone wanting to get a taste of Ariya’s powerful work and experience powerful life changing insights.

Session Duration: 30 minute zoom call

key highlights of the soul reading session

Discover your life's purpose and the steps to achieve it
Navigate specific situations or find solutions to pressing problems

Gain valuable insights to propel you towards positive life changes

Excellent opportunity to experience Ariya's impactful work firsthand

Suitable for all age groups


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Suitable for any age