Where The Invisible Realm And The Visible Realm Marry And Together Create An Extraordinary Life Experience

Practical Spirituality
With Master Healer Ariya Lorenz

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What others are saying

“With Ariya’s support, guidance and understanding, my ability to live consciously has accelerated well beyond my imagination. Ariya supported my personal growth and helped me strengthen the connection to my true self. I am grateful.”

Russell SmithBusiness Coach, Los Angeles

“Ariya is truly a beautiful soul, healer, and workshop presenter. She inspired me in so many ways. I highly recommend her workshops and sessions.”

Jan BurdaHealer, Hawaii

“Ariya has had an enormous impact in my life and the way I show up in my relationships with my family, friends, daughter and partner by helping me to recognize the great reservoir of love dwelling within me. As a healer deeply rooted to her connection with the Divine, she has been the catalyst to my journey into my own heart, and it has made all the difference.”

Emmanuel LeonardOwner at "Goldwood Construction", Hawaii

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My Mission

It is my divine calling and utmost privilege to help you to bring forth your best. 
In truth you are a magnificent being of light, your heart shines as bright as the sun and you have a special gift for the world. 
Deep down inside you know this. And maybe you live part of it already.
Through a practical and very “down to earth” approach to spirituality and a deep connection with the “higher realms” I offer you a way to access the highest energy level possible.
This way you can experience  more joy and be more effective in any area of your life. And you can bring forth the blessing to the world that you came here for.
Let’s do this and let’s do it together!
Just go to Step 1) and sign up. I will be delighted to see you in the course.
Aloha, Ariya

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Enjoy Your Journey With The Dolphins & Whales Of Hawaii

FREE Dolphin Meditation