Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz

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Meet Ariya

Master Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, & Meditation Guide on a mission to help you connect with your Higher Self so you can create true soul level fulfillment in every aspect of your life. 

My Story

I came to this planet as a fully aware human being. As a small baby my parents received me and treated me with that in mind and l am forever grateful to them.

I was two years old when my dad died.

It was an unexpected and unexplainable death at the time. My brother was half a year old and my mom is now a widow with two small children. I believed his death was my fault.

We found out later that he had a rare condition that had him basically run out of energy.

In a way, this event set the course of my life. 

From that day on I went on a quest to bring energy and help from above to this planet.

But growing up was hard, no one except my mom understood my gift and as she struggled to make ends meet, I thought the best I could do is to fit in and do that well.

Slowly I neglected my gifts and learned to play the game of judging, trying to be ‘better, creating problems instead of solutions, pretending and so on.

This skill made me more popular amongst the crowd but inwardly I felt disconnected from the Divine Truth I knew so well.

Some intense hardships followed which eventually had me reject everything Divine and when at age 22 I found out about mom’s terminal cancer I wanted to die with her.

The following year, my mom's final year of life, was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I quit my job to care for her. She lovingly helped me deal with the painful truth of her imminent passing. We had conversations about “the other side of the veil”, and she shared that she was sure she would be picked up by my dad and other loved ones. 

And the longer her disease went, the more she shared with me about her visitations from the other side.

As i cared for her, my sixth sense began to come back.

When she had pains I started to feel the energy flow and where it was blocked. And I knew what to do to free her from pain. 

On a warm summer afternoon when my mom left her body, the entire room lit up.

As I held her hands, I perceived angels and the most peaceful, soothing and wonderful atmosphere filled the room.I felt home again like l had felt as a little baby, fully connected to the divine realm.

From this moment on i decided never to deny the Truth again.

I went on to work with a healer who helped me access my higher self and to learn practical tools of how my gifts could be used effectively to help others. 

Since then I’ve been guided to become a better and better healer and understand and use metaphysics effectively in this physical world.

Clients would come to me by word of mouth and soon I was fully booked without ever advertising.

I loved my work, but at times it felt like clients gave their power away by going for a ‘quick fix’ instead of finding the deeper calling behind an issue.

I realized over time that many of my clients had developed problems that weren't of physical nature originally, even though they appeared as a physical problem.

The deeper problem was that they hadn’t found their calling, and I was more than familiar with how that feels.

By that time I had been a full-time healer for over 10 years and I would ask my Higher Self every important question that came up in my life, like:

“Where do we need to live?”

“What is the best nutrition for us?”

“What is the best education for my son?”

They all got answered by my Higher Self. And the Higher Self always led me to true fulfillment on every level.

I realized that to make the biggest difference for the world, I had to help others connect to their Higher Self.

This way excellence on all levels would be ensured, no matter what profession, gifts or interests the individual has. And from that day on I started to offer this service to my clients.

Miracles started to happen right and left, relationships mended, diseases healed and true fulfillment was found thousands of times.

This has now become a movement and by guiding others on the journey to their Higher Self, my life’s purpose fulfills itself every time. I feel this is the best gift I can give as it changes everything for the better and never runs out. I am so grateful for being able to offer this gift.

How We Can Work Together

It’s my privilege to be able to help you live your highest and best. Below you can find various ways we can work together.

Course & Community

Higher Self Mastery

A self-paced course and community to help you connect with your Higher Self and master energy and manifestation abilities to create a soul level fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

Personal Session

Soul Reading

A private 1-1 Soul Reading Session to help you find your life’s purpose, what’s holding you back from living it and a roadmap to removing blockages and stepping into your power.

Personal Session

Energy Healing

A private 1-1 Energy Healing Session to help you heal, recharge your energy and remove energy blockages that are sabotaging your progress or holding you back from living your highest and best.

Personal Session

Higher Self Activation

A Private 1-1 Higher Self Activation Session to help you find purpose, remove blockages, activate powerful higher frequency energy to amplify your manifestation abilities.

Professional Bio

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought after Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Master Healer and Meditation Guide.

As a “spiritual scientist,” Ariya has studied and practiced energy work professionally for over 19 years. She conducted more than 19,000 energy healing sessions with clients including professional athletes, public figures, corporate executives and families all over the world.

Drawing on her deep understanding of energy and metaphysics, Ariya masterfully connects to the power of her Higher Self to provide energy healing and spiritual coaching for her clients.

She acts as an amplifier and translator for her students to help them connect and communicate with their Higher Selves, so they can learn how to use it to self-heal, manifest and create true soul-level fulfillment across every aspect of their lives.

Residing in Hawaii, Ariya is a mother to her bright son Naiya De who grew up understanding metaphysics and the healing arts and uses these tools every day ~ naturally. She regularly swims with dolphins and calls herself “the happiest person on earth”.

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